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The Moment This Boy Found Out He Was Being Adopted Will Leave You In Tears

Children who grow up without a family know that there is no better day than when they are finally adopted by parents ready to love, nurture, and care for them. Recently, Amanda and JoBen Barkey captured the emotional moment that their Colombian host child found out he was becoming a permanent member of their precious family!

The Barkeys’ Picture-Perfect Life

When you picture the “perfect family”, a group resembling the Barkey clan is likely to pop into your head. With four beautiful children under their care, Amanda and JoBen Barkey seemed to be living the California dream. However, the duo’s decision to host Sebastian, an 11-year-old Colombian child, in summer 2018 completely flipped their faultless world on its head.

Sebastian wasn’t simply traveling to the U.S. for fun. He had been brought to the U.S. by a charity company called Kidsave. He had no biological family back in Colombia, and the organization hoped to pair him and other adoptable children with families in the states. When he landed in the Barkeys’ household, it seemed, to Amanda and JoBen, to be a twist of fate.

Falling In Love With Sebastian

Immediately, Sebastian became a treasured presence in all of their lives. He was respectful, sweet, and goofy around Amanda and JoBen and got along brilliantly with their children. Across the course of the summer, they took Sebastian on journeys all across California, giving him some incredible adventures to remember. And for JoBen, supporting Sebastian’s happiness was extremely personal.

JoBen grew up in South America and felt a special bond to Sebastian as a result. “I love and am strongly connected to my childhood. I do love all children, and do not discriminate in who I share that love with,” JoBen shared via Facebook. At the end of the summer, the family struggled to part with Sebastian. But he had no idea that the Barkeys didn’t plan on saying goodbye for long.

Sebastian’s Heartwarming Reaction To Adoption

After Sebastian left, Amanda and JoBen decided to share a huge decision with their kids: to adopt Sebastian. Of course, the siblings were thrilled at the idea, and the family got to work finding a way to tell Sebastian across the sea. They decided to video chat him and hold up signs with the Spanish words for “mom”, “dad”, “brother”, and “sister”. When Sebastian realized what was happening, he could hardly contain his emotion.

The Barkeys finally asked Sebastian if he would like to become an official part of their family, and, through tears, he said yes. The touching reaction to Amanda and JoBen’s adoption proposal has now gone viral. Sebastian will still remain in Colombia until they can fully afford the adoption, yet it’s clear the Barkey family isn’t going to let their beautiful new child go.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved