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The Way This Boy Stayed In Touch With His Dog Will Make You Cry

When a young boy decided that he wanted a dog, his father told him he would have to work for it and prove himself responsible. So, for an entire year, the boy took an empty leash for a walk twice a day. His father knew he was committed and got him a dog.

A Dog Says So Long

A while after he brought the dog home, the boy had plans to complete some of his schooling abroad, but he couldn’t take his furry friend. It was hard to look in the face of the loyal dog he had worked so hard to get and say goodbye for a whole year.


The cute little pup wasn’t too happy about it either, but the boy’s mother had a plan to keep the two connected.

A Patient Pup

Every day for an entire year, the mom sent the boy a picture of his dog. Each picture had a message attached from the dog to his boy. He watched the pup grow from afar, and the pictures kept the dog in his heart. The connection made him feel like he wasn’t missing as much being away from home, and it made him feel less homesick.


He still missed his dog, and the dog missed him too. He patiently posed every day for the boy’s picture gift and waited for the day when the boy would make his way home.

Time To Come Home

After a year of being apart, the dog had had enough. The wait was finally over and his boy would be returning to him. When the boy arrived, they were both overcome with emotion.


The dog was so happy to finally see his boy after his long journey, and the boy was glad to see his beloved dog in the flesh. They spent that whole day together, playing in the sun.

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