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This Little Boy’s Response To Finding Out ‘Two Princesses’ Can Marry Left Newlyweds In Tears

A wedding should be one of the happiest experiences of a couple’s relationship. Yet, for members of the LGBTQ+ community, judgment and hatred can sometimes squash their special day. However, this young couple received the sweetest question from a young boy on their wedding day and they couldn’t help but break down into tears.

A Spectacular Wedding Ceremony

For members of the LGBTQ+ community, simply being in a relationship can be nervewracking. It can bring judgment and backlash from friends, family, and strangers. This is why queer weddings are often so special—they’re proof of survival in the face of adversity. And love truly won with these two brides.

In the gorgeous Glasgow Botanical Gardens on Valentine’s Day, 2017, Bea Webster and Emma Webster-Mockett got married. Their special day was monumental for the deeply-in-love couple. Yet, they weren’t the only ones who were transformed that day. They also blew the mind of a young boy who they ran into outside of their ceremony. He was amazed by their union in the sweetest way possible.

Answering A Curious Child

While leaving their ceremony, Bea and Emma walked hand-in-hand. They kept their wedding dresses on as a photographer snapped gorgeous shots of their departure. Eventually, they entered a public part of the gardens. They were bound to receive some stares. Yet, the newlyweds didn’t receive any hate. In fact, they ran across a little boy whose wholesome worldview brought tears of joy to their eyes.

As they had their pictures taken, they walked past a young boy and his mother. The boy looked at the duo and exclaimed a precious set of words: “Look at those princesses!” He and his mother glowed over the beauty of the married couple, yet he didn’t recognize them as brides. Instead, he saw them as princesses. However, he was curious if one of them had married and his response to their wedding made Bea and Emma burst into tears.

The Boy’s Touching Response

“Did one of you get married?” the boy asked. Bea and Emma shared with him that they had married one another! The young boy seemed taken aback at first, yet he was amazed at their spectacular union. “Two princesses then?” he innocently asked.

In response to his question, his mother replied, “Yes, two princesses can marry each other!” The boy seemed entranced by the beautiful couple’s union. From their photographs, it’s clear that Bea and Emma were overcome with emotion. The happiness that the child got out of their love seemed to bring them immense hope and joy. His beaming face shows that he was just as amazed as they were!

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