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Boy Sends Gift To The Philippines That Changes His Future

Back in 2000, a young boy from the U.S. sent over a gift to a child in the Philippines for Christmas. He simply thought he was doing a good deed for someone less fortunate. Little did he know that, years later, this gift would change the course of his entire life!

An Unforgettable Christmas

As a young boy, Tyrel Wolfe contributed to a charity project called Operation Christmas Child through an organization called Samaritan’s Purse. The project allows kids to send small toys, school supplies, and other items in a shoebox to less fortunate kids. Tyrel sent a box to a young girl in the Philippines, adding his picture as well. Years later, he would realize how much that gift meant.

Mysterious Friend Request

In 2009, Tyrel received a friend request on Facebook from Joana Marchan from the Philippines. He had never heard of her before, but Tyrel finally accepted the request out of curiosity. He learned that Joana was the one who received his shoebox all those years ago! The two began chatting online and actually had a lot in common. Later, they decided they would meet for the first time…

Meeting Up

Tyrel steadily saved up his money to buy a ticket to Manila to see Joana. The two only spent 10 days together, but it was life-changing. Tyrel and Joana fell in love, and Tyrel was able to meet her family as well. When he left, he made a promise to come back to her, and he did just that…

A Lifelong Commitment

A while later, Tyrel flew back to Manila to ask Joana’s parents for her hand in marriage. Joana’s father quickly agreed, while her mom was a little hesitant because they were so young. Tyrel’s father surprisingly was able to convince Joana’s mom that Tyrel was the right choice. Joana and Tyrel were later married at Tyrel’s parents’ ranch. It was a special ceremony that marked the start of a better life together!

A Bright Future

It’s crazy to think that a simple shoebox brought these lovebirds together in the first place! Today, Tyrel and Joana are parents to a beautiful baby boy named Anak and are thriving. Because of the impact of Operation Christmas Child, they were able to find each other. Now, they send shoeboxes to other children across the world for the holidays. Looks like this story has come full circle!

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved