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Couple Goals: This Boyfriend Performs His Girlfriend’s Skincare Routine on Her

There are good boyfriends and then there’s Albrecht Segario. When his girlfriend, Shanika Silverio, fell asleep before completing her nightly skincare routine, Segario decided it was up to him to take care of her in a way she would appreciate—by doing her skincare routine for her. What followed was a series of Instagram and Twitter photos, and the internet went crazy over this one-of-a-kind boyfriend.

Too Tired To Function

Silverio and Segario are airline pilots in the Philippines; therefore, they work long hours and are always on the move to someplace new. After a long day of traveling, Silverio sat down and drank some wine, but then eventually passed out from exhaustion. Her boyfriend, Segario, was there to take care of her, and this includes completing her nightly skincare routine.


The Ultimate Act Of Chivalry

Segario knew how important his girlfriend’s skincare routine is to her, so he decided to complete it for her as she slept. Some girlfriends may not want their boyfriends to do their makeup and skincare routine, but for others, this is the ultimate act of chivalry. Segario carried Silverio to her bed to begin the skincare routine.


Knowing Exactly What To Do

Luckily, Segario knew exactly what to do to take care of his girlfriend. First, he cleansed her skin using micellar water. Next, he wiped toner across her face. Then, he proceeded with eye cream, being careful to apply it directly underneath her eyes. He even applied moisturizer the correct way, by putting small dots across her forehead, cheeks, and chin. He documented the night by taking photos with his girlfriend’s iPhone. But, he wasn’t done yet!

@ShanikaSilverio via Twitter

Not Missing A Single Step

Segario knows how much his girlfriend values her skincare routine. But that’s not all. She also takes care of her toenails. After finishing her skincare routine, Segario applied cuticle conditioner to her toenails. But, he didn’t forget to pose for a photo—making a disgusted face for Silverio to later find.

@ShanikaSilverio via Twitter

Sharing The Photos

Silverio found the photos on her iPhone the next morning, and she couldn’t stop laughing. She had no idea Segario did this for her, but she’s glad he did! She shared his photos on Instagram and Twitter, and the internet went crazy over Segario’s simple act of kindness. This is the ultimate relationship goal, right?

@ShanikaSilverio via Twitter

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