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Boyfriend Eats Kit Kat Totally Wrong, But Surprises Everyone with an Epic Comeback

What kind of monster actually takes a bite out of a Kit Kat before breaking it apart?! Well, Evan Wilt, for one. Evan’s candy faux pas took the internet by storm last month when his girlfriend Haley posted a picture of him eating a Kit Kat bar entirely the wrong way. How he proceeded to propose to Haley shocked everyone.

Give Me A Break

Instead of breaking the Kit Kat apart, Evan thought you should actually take a single, huge bite out of it. Um, not exactly, Evan.

Haley Byrd

“I looked away for a minute and he tells me about how he’s never had a Kit Kat before,” Haley said. “I look back and he’s taken like this massive, ‘Jaws’-shaped bite out of the Kit Kat.” Evan added, “I was really confused because I didn’t think I did anything wrong. I just took a bite.” The Internet responded, even urging Haley to break up with Evan at once because of his candy bar mishap.

Redemption Kit Kat

To make up for the Internet shame he endured, Evan got creative with his proposal to Haley. Evan already had an engagement ring and was ready to propose, until he reached out to Kit Kat. The candymaker sent Evan a 3D-printed version of the chocolate bar with a ring on the inside. “He had to unwrap it like a real Kit Kat bar and everything,” Haley said.


Although Haley had a feeling Evan would be proposing sometime soon, she was elated with how he incorporated the silliness of the Kit Kat mistake into his proposal.

Breaking Them Apart Is Definitely Better

Since then, Evan has learned from his mistakes. “I’ve learned that breaking them apart is better because you get to share them,” Evan said.

Twitter / Haley Byrd

Uh, obviously!

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