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Brave 10-Year-Old Girl Battling Cancer Gets Heartwarming Christmas Gift From The Secret Service

Battling any kind of cancer, especially as a child, can take a serious toll on one’s happiness and wellbeing. However, 10-year-old Oliviah Hall has remained high-spirited through every trial and tribulation… and some pretty major figures wanted to honor her this Christmas!

Oliviah’s Passion For Positivity

When 10-year-old Oliviah Hall went to the doctor for headaches back in 2017, she didn’t know that her whole life was about to be turned on its head. However, brain scans soon revealed a substantial tumor, and Oliviah was immediately rushed into what would become months of treatment. However, despite struggling to cope with the aggressive tumor across the last year, Oliviah is still all smiles.

Although the tumor has taken a toll on her health, Oliviah is still intent on spreading joy and positivity with the time she has left. From raising money for ‘A Special Wish’ to simply staying upbeat through her most difficult moments, Oliviah has battled cancer with bravery and perseverance. And a pretty famous group of people wanted to commend her courage on Christmas!

Her FBI-Focused Dreams

Since Oliviah was little, she set her sights on becoming an FBI agent. Back in November, ‘A Special Wish’ helped Oliviah fulfill this dream, inviting her to the FBI headquarters at Quantico for training. They even assigned her Junior Special Agent credentials! However, those who were graced by her loving personality knew they wanted to do more.

Even after she left, Oliviah’s story continued to touch hearts. Those she impacted during that special experience wanted to ensure a lovely Christmas gift for Oliviah. Still, it came as a bit of a shock when the secret service rang Oliviah’s aunt to set up the surprise of a lifetime!

The Secret Service’s Touching Surprise

In the weeks before Christmas, Oliviah’s mailbox was flooded with cards and gifts galore for the sweet girl. Yet the most awe-striking present of all came walking through their door: a secret service agent! U.S. Secret Service Special Agent In Charge Jon Schuck caught Oliviah off-guard, yet his arrival wasn’t the only gift he came bearing.

Schuck brought along a photo that Oliviah had taken with President Trump when she met him during a midterm election swing, which Trump signed “I love you, President Trump.” The brave little girl was amazed by the special visit, yet it’s clear that Oliviah has had a massive impact on countless lives, from countless friends and family to the president himself.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved