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Bride Buys Matching Wedding Dress For Her Dog And The Adorable Spectacle Goes Viral

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When it comes to dogs, Jennifer Hindieh is one enviable “dog mom. Jennifer didn’t want to leave her beloved pit bull, Bailey, out of her wedding plans. So, the two became the ultimate wedding fashion twins. In an adorable and paw-some gesture, Bailey was outfitted in a custom wedding dress. Bailey was bestowed the honors of walking down the aisle with the bride to be. The Internet was gushing over the fantastic and candidly, cute pics of Bailey and her mom. If this wedding was going to the dogs, it was a pet-loving fashionista’s dream come true.

Canine Couture

Jennifer Hindieh of Nassau County, New York adopted her pit bull at five-months-old with her now fiance. Ever since the loveable rescue left North Hempstead Animal Shelter, Bailey has always been a part of the couple’s lives. In honor of Bailey’s importance to Jennifer and her beau, Bailey had to have a wedding dress too. Sharing the attention during a wedding made perfect sense for Hindieh. Bailey was her best, furry, four-legged friend in the world.

Bailey was outfitted in the most elegant apparel from Coca and Bushka Couture. Jennifer spared no expense, lavishing her pooch with a $156 white satin wedding dress. Bailey was selfie-ready, sporting a chic clasp and ruffled organza skirt. Some may not understand why a dog owner would go all out for her dog. Jennifer had this to say, “I don’t know if I can ever have kids, but for me, she’s like my kid.”

Furry Family

The relationship between dogs and their families is indeed a special one. When Jennifer was “popped the question,” Bailey was sitting on her lap, while the couple enjoyed morning coffee. The couple was officially engaged on October 31st and planned to wed September 2019. Unlike a human bridesmaid, Bailey is in for a unique wedding experience.

Not only does Bailey get to walk with Jennifer down the aisle, but the pooch has a doggie-approved mini wedding cake. Bailey is more than a pet and companion. She is a full-fledged family member who has been part of everything. Hopefully, Bailey won’t jump on anyone in excitement during the vows.

One Dolled Up Dog

Jennifer swore on Facebook, “Her dress is fancier than mine.” Bailey’s matching dress is a complement to the bride’s, but the rhinestones and details give some fierce competition. Once pictures of Bailey were shared online, the Internet couldn’t help but gush over this well-dressed canine. On the Facebook page, Fit for a Pit, featured the statement, “omg Bailey in her frilly wedding dress.” Bailey’s photos and story received 126 likes, 16 shares, and four comments. Facebook user, Nyla Robinson, responded, “Bailey has the prettier wedding gown!”. Online The Dodo’s Facebook page, Bailey’s wedding photoshoot went viral. The story received 16K likes, 2.9K comments, and 3.2K shares. User, Lori Gach, excitedly replied, “This is like the best thing I’ve seen in a VERY long time!!”  Not everyone was so kind, however.

The haters can move to the left because couples like Jennifer and her fiance know differently. In a world where pit bulls are often maligned as being dangerous, ugly, or scary animals, Bailey blasts away the stereotype. Not only is this pit bull amazingly sweet, but she turns the wedding aisle into her runway. Dog lovers are often finding creative ways to show off their canine’s best qualities. Being able to share a milestone moment like a wedding with a pooch is another fun way to include furry family members. Thanks to Etsy store, Cocoa and Bushka Couture, dogs like Bailey and others can dress to impress. Thankfully, when fashion goes to the dogs, who knew canines looked this Haute.

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