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Bride Recalls The Awkward Moment Her Mother-In-Law Wore A Wedding Dress To Her Son’s Wedding

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Weddings can be stressful enough for brides without having to worry about guests committing a major wedding crime: Wearing white on the bride’s big day. Well, several brides have come face to face with this during the ceremony but none can be worse than this bride. Romance author Amy Pennza recently shared her own wedding dilemma when her mother-in-law showed up to the ceremony wearing a wedding gown of her own!

Wedding Fail

To show that not all weddings are magical and perfect, TV host Jimmy Fallon recently asked viewers to share their crazy wedding memories on social media using the hashtag #WeddingFail. Responses rolled in from people all over the country. The funny tweets included memories of bad speeches, silly pranks, matching outfits, and other unbelievable moments. “I was best man at my friend’s 2nd wedding,” Twitter user @yourbizsucks tweeted. “I started my speech with ‘Welcome back everyone.’ He was not happy.”  Another user @IamIshIsh1 shared, “I went to a beach wedding in Florida. A seagull flew by and dropped a fish head on the mother of the bride.” In the midst of all of these wild stories, Amy’s unfortunate incident stood out.

An Epic Disaster

Amy shared her shocking #WeddingFail with Jimmy and the world. “My mother-in-law wore a wedding dress to my wedding. So, yeah, top that one, Twitter,” she posted on Twitter along with a photo of the shocking evidence. The author then went into detail about the incident in a story written for Glamour. The year she got married, Amy revealed that there were quite a few weddings for her husband’s family that summer––her sister-in-law’s, a ceremony for her husband’s close friend, and eventually her own. “My mother-in-law was invited to all of them. So she had to buy three dresses for the weddings, plus outfits for all of the showers and parties that also come along with it,” Amy wrote. She didn’t bother asking her mother-in-law what she was going to wear. That fateful day, Amy was getting ready in the church and saw her mother-in-law wearing a wedding dress of her own. The bride attempted that she made a snarky comment. “I remember saying, ‘You could be the bride!’ She cringed a little, and knew at that moment she’d made an error,” Amy shared.

Getting An Explanation

Thankfully, the wedding fashion faux pas wasn’t really noticed (or spoken about) by guests until some time after the wedding. Turns out though that it wasn’t done in malice. The woman just bought the dress because it was significantly marked down and she can’t walk away from a bargain. My mother-in-law’s frugality is the stuff of legends,” Amy admitted. “When she goes to restaurants, she takes the ketchup packets and goes home and refills her bottles with them. She will pluck the olives and celery out of a Bloody Mary to use for a salad.” The woman even ended up taking home all of the flowers and food from the ceremony. The family ate the frozen wedding food for weeks. The author revealed, though, that the woman’s frugality stems from growing up very poor to the point of malnourishment. Of course, her mother-in-law never wants to be in that position again and doesn’t like to waste things or splurge. From that standpoint, Amy somewhat understood.  “I’m still shocked, but she says she just didn’t think about it when she bought the dress. She felt good and it was a steal, so she went with it,” she shared. “Now when we go to weddings I’ll joke, ‘You’re not going to wear white this time, are you?’ But we know it’s something she’ll never, ever do again.” She definitely won’t now since the world knows about this huge mistake!

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