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Bride Makes Bold Wedding Date Move to Include Mom with Alzheimer’s

Stephanie Gefroh is one selfless bride after having her wedding date moved from its original date and venue to suit the availability and convenience of her mother, Susan, who has Alzheimer’s disease.

Gefroh and her partner Bryan Fish initially planned to marry in May of next year. However, the couple made the bold move of rescheduling their wedding to less than one month later instead so that the bride’s mother could enjoy the festivities. They were married on May 27, with a mere 25-days worth of preparation.

Seeing the extent of her mom’s Alzheimer’s quickly progressing, Gefroh decided to change the wedding venue from Detroit Lake, which was a good three hours away from her mom’s home, to their hometown of Devils Lake instead.

Gefroh revealed: “My mom already had difficulties with making small trips around town. My sister suggested we get married in Devils Lake, as that seemed to be the only way that my mom would be able to attend.”

Gefroh admitted she never imagined her wedding to be in her old hometown. Ultimately, however, Gefroh followed her sister’s advice, and the wedding was held right in their mother’s very own backyard.

Gefroh shared: “I knew my sister was right. I got off the phone with Amber and talked to Bryan about it. He completely understood.”

Gefroh recalled of her special day that “Luckily, Bryan and one of her caregivers were able to slowly get her out there. My aunt was crawling on the ground and making strange noises in order to get my mom to laugh. I will forever be grateful that she did that because it made the day seem that much better knowing that my mom had a smile on her face.”

Even though Gefroh admitted that her mother had no clue that it was her wedding, she was satisfied with just having her mom around on her special day: “She [has not] been able to recognize who I am for the past two years. Being able to look back at pictures and wedding videos and to see my mother in them will be something I cherish forever.”

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