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Bride Pulls Off Epic Wedding Day Prank On Groom That Will Crack You Up

A couple in love was prepared to spend the rest of their lives together and planned out a grand wedding to make it official. The extravaganza included the groom’s first look at his bride before the wedding. Only the special moment wasn’t quite what he thought it would be!

Crazy In Love

Jake VanSickle and his now wife Faye Lorraine Vansickle were going over all of the details of their ceremony. Of course, capturing their big day on camera was vital. So the couple sat down with photographer Rebekah Lehman of Kindred Photo & Design in Marshall, Michigan. The photographer was glad to help with their photography needs.

Facebook / Jake VanSickle

As the couple was leaving, Faye ran back to the studio with a funny idea. She and Jake had planned a “first look” photo, where the two would see each other for the first time on their wedding day. However, Fay wanted to set up a prank on Jake, planning to have his best friend Tayler Koyl meet him instead! “We both laughed as Jake stood off in the distance probably thinking we were crazy He had no idea!” Rebekah exclaimed.

A Hilarious Surprise

On the big day, Rebekah set up for the shot as normal with an unsuspecting Jake waiting on his bride. As he took a deep breath and turned to see Faye, he was stunned to see Tayler in front of him instead. The man had on a wedding dress of his own, too!

Facebook / Kindred Photo & Design

“As soon as he turned to see me, the eyebrow raised with just the look of (what the hell) for a split second,” Tayler admitted. “After that, it was all laughter and playing along with the prank.” Jake couldn’t believe that his best friend was actually standing in a wedding dress, or that his sly bride had tricked him!

Happily Ever After

After some funny poses with Tayler, Jake was finally able to see his real bride. The two gazed lovingly at each other, but also laughed together at the funny prank.

Facebook / Kindred Photo & Design

Later, the photos with Jake and Tayler were posted on Facebook, and the prank quickly spread over the internet. The photos received 31,000 likes, with people from all over commenting on how funny the prank was. It’s great that Jake and Faye were able to start their marriage off with an unforgettable laugh like this!

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