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Bride’s Eight Siblings Dance At Their Sister’s Wedding And Her Reaction Is Priceless

Family members want to make sure their loved one’s wedding is the best one ever, especially if it’s your sibling. Everyone pitches in to help make the big day an unforgettable experience. For one bride, her eight siblings surprised her with a lively dance routine no one could stop talking about. The video has gone viral on social media, demonstrating there is no greater bond than the one between siblings.

Boys Versus Girls

The dance routine started out in a version of “boys versus girls.” The bride’s brothers began the routine by dancing to the Backstreet Boys’ popular hit I Want It That Way. The brothers proved boy bands rule with their hilarious dance. The four boys ended the song posed side-by-side, wearing sunglasses.

Afterward, it was the sisters’ turn to “out-dance” their brothers. They danced to Linda Ronstadt’s Tell Him, a song featured on the musical comedy, Glee. Their sister and her new husband cheered the whole time.

Dancing As One Family

The siblings tossed the competition aside for the final dance number. The sisters formed a line and raised their arms, dancing to Radha, an Indian song and dance. Then, their brothers walked onto the dance floor and the family danced as one union for their beloved sister and their new brother-in-law.

The crowd of guests clapped and danced along to the siblings. The bride smiled the whole time and held back her tears, clearly touched by her siblings’ kind gesture.

A Viral Video

Since the September 2018 wedding, the dance video has become a viral video on YouTube and social media. YouTube users have commented that this is the best wedding dance video they have ever seen.

The bride would have to agree. Sometimes, it’s not about the gifts or the food at the reception, but about the kind gestures from the people you love most. Hopefully, this is the start of a longlasting family tradition.

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