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Bridesmaid Stages Throwback Photo Session For Friend’s Anniversary, And It’s Too Good

Sometimes, an idea can sound great at the time. But years later, you reflect on the memories and say, “What was I thinking?” That’s what happened to Tammi Sauer, a children’s book author from Edmond, Oklahoma. She was looking back at her wedding photos, but she couldn’t take her eyes off the bridesmaid dresses. What was she thinking?

Celebrating 22 Years

Sauer was celebrating her 22nd wedding anniversary with her high school sweetheart when she stumbled across her old wedding photos. Of course, the couple looked happy in their new wedded bliss.

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But Sauer was quick to notice the bridesmaid dresses weren’t fashionable. At the time of her 1995 wedding, she couldn’t find the perfect bridesmaid dress for her best friends. So, she made her own dresses.

Good Idea At The Time

The bride’s mother, grandmothers, and seamstresses worked together to quickly create the burgundy off-the-shoulder bridesmaid dresses. Everyone thought they looked great at the time, but that was in 1995. When Sauer shared the throwback photo on Facebook, she apologized to her friends for forcing them to wear dresses that looked like they were made with tablecloths.

Tammi Kippes Sauer/Facebook

But Sauer’s friend, Heidi Mann, decided to have some fun and recreate the throwback photo.

Best Dress Ever

Mann put on her old bridesmaid dress and decided to show Sauer the dress wasn’t so bad after all. She wore the dress around the house, making it seem like she wears it all the time. She wore it to water the plants, while she read a book, and even when she did the laundry.


Mann improved Sauer’s opinion of the dress. She laughed at the photos. She never imagined someone would willingly wear her bridesmaid dress 22 years later. Is this now the best dress ever?

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