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Brother Of The Groom Gives Best Man Speech That Steals The Show

In movies, it’s hilarious when the Best Man gives an obnoxious speech. In real life, that is a newlywed’s worst nightmare. One Best Man did an excellent job.

Where’s He Going With This?

The scene was set. George and Nicole were sitting in the middle of their reception hall with bated breath. George’s younger brother, Anthony, was the best man, and he had just been given the microphone to do his speech.


Anthony started off with a few jokes. His speech began with some philosophical words about finding your soulmate, but he quipped that George had found his soulmate when his little brother, the Best Man, was born. He complimented the crowd from their appearance saying, “some of you actually made an effort.”

Brotherly Bonding

If guests thought Anthony was just going to make a few cheesy jokes, they were in for a surprise! Anthony went on to explain that the relationship between Nicole and George actually made the bond between himself and George stronger.

Faith Tap

George kindly took his younger brother along for some of his dates, and they never treated him like a third wheel. Anthony also appreciated that Nicole never compared him to George because so many in their small town held Anthony to the measuring stick of his athletic, handsome older brother.

Things Get Emotional

As Anthony fondly recalled a few shared memories from the childhood he shared with his brother, he shed a few tears. He remembered the time when George told him: “I will always be on your side. I am now and have always been your biggest fan.”

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Anthony followed up similar sentiments of his own. “Through thick and thin, good and bad, you’re my big brother. I’ve always looked up to you, and I’ve always admired you,” He said. He didn’t forget the lovely bride. He ended the speech by telling the bride that she completed his brother.

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