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This Extremely Lucky French Bulldog Owes Her Life To An Incredible JetBlue Crew

When an adorable French bulldog nearly stopped breathing on a JetBlue Airlines flight, its owners were in hysterics. Thankfully, the crew came up with a brilliant plan to save the dog’s life!

Flying With French Bulldogs

Many airlines have recently banned smaller breeds of dogs from traveling on their airlines, and with good reason! Just a few months ago, a French bulldog puppy named Kokito passed away on a United Airlines flight after the attendant insisted their owner place them in an overhead bin. Still, owners who must travel with these breeds find a way to hunt down amenable airlines!


This was the case for Steven and Michelle Burt who took a flight from Orlando to Massachusetts with their three-year-old Frenchie. The bulldog, Darcy, seemed to be doing well until the plane got in the air. Then, out of nowhere, Darcy’s behavior became concerning and bizarre.

Darcy’s Dire Condition

As the flight progressed, Darcy started to show clear signs of panic. Upon further inspection, her owners found that the pup’s tongue and gums were turning blue. Bulldogs often have a harder time breathing at higher altitudes than other breeds of dogs, and it was clear that Darcy was running short on oxygen.

Steven and Michelle Burt

Immediately, her owners sprung into action to try to help Darcy get more air. However, they knew they weren’t completely equipped to cope with the crisis. They did what any reasonable person in panic would: they called the flight attendants! While some flight attendants have failed pets in the past, those who sprang to Darcy’s aid likely saved the canine’s life.

Renaud And Diane To The Rescue

Renaud Spencer and Diane Asher were the flight attendants that responded to Darcy’s dire situation. They wasted no time in helping the dog recover from her spell! First, they placed an oxygen mask on Darcy’s face, which lifted the pup’s energy in mere minutes. But their care of the Bulldog didn’t stop there.

The Everyday Jumpseater/Facebook

The kind duo also offered Darcy some drinking water and packs of ice to cool and calm her down. Steven and Michelle could hardly believe just how responsive and respectful that the attendants were. Michelle was beyond grateful that they treated her sweet canine with as much care and compassion as they would any human!

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