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Bullied Teen Finds Friendship With A Six-Legged Dog

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It can be challenging growing up and being different. For 15-year-old, bullied teen Luke Salmon, an extraordinary canine would prove to be a needed best friend. Roo might seem like a typical puppy at first glance, but she has a little something extra than the average Labrador-mix. Unlike most pooches, Roo was born with an extra pair of legs and resorts to hopping on her hind legs. Adorable and full of energy, Roo and Luke have enjoyed a special bond. Many times animals get passed over as companions because of minor deformities. Thanks to the love of the Salmon family, one six-legged puppy has a loving place to call home.

Beyond Skin Deep

Life for teenager Luke Salmon can be rough. The 15-year-old has psoriasis, a condition which causes patches of flaky, red skin on his body. Luke lives with his mom Lauren in Orpington, Kent, the United Kingdom with two cats, two rabbits, and a Jack Russell. At school, Luke was often the target of bullying for his visibly different skin. When surfing the Internet, the teen noticed a curious-looking puppy.

When Luke and his mom went to adopt the sweet Lab-mix, they discovered the breeders intended to euthanize the dog. The energetic puppy was eager to get out of her pen and go to her new family. The dog in question was born with an extra pair of front legs, impacting her mobility. The puppy found it easier to move about by hopping on her hind legs, earning her the name “Roo.”

A Forever Family

Roo and Luke hit it off at first sight. Luke is protective of his four-legged pal and hardly ever leaves her side. When Roo isn’t hopping around like a kangaroo, she has a different walk. Lauren Salmon responded, “…she sort of staggers on her elbows with her bum in the air, like an army crawl.” Out of concern for Roo’s mobility, Luke’s mom reached out to specialist Dr. Noel Fitzpatrick to improve her walk. Dr. Fitzpatrick is a renown veterinary surgeon featured on Channel 4’s show, Supervet.

The extra appendages that Roo lives with do not cause her any pain, but her additional limbs do get in the way. To compensate for her hindered mobility, Roo happily hops about. For the Salmon family, Lauren commented, “She is just a normal dog to us — just with a couple of extra bits.” Luke often felt like the odd one out, but with Roo by his side, his new best friend understands. Lauren is also hopeful that Roo will help reduce Luke’s stress and improve his skin condition.

Extra To Love

Inside the Salmon home, Roo is another welcome addition to the animal-loving family. Lauren is a care worker and has high hopes for Roo and her relationship with Luke. At eight-weeks old, Roo is still a bit young to hang out with the Salmon’s French Lop rabbits. After Roo receives her shots and helps out at a charity for Lauren’s workplace, the pup is sure to turn some heads. Roo is loved to pieces by her new family and full of energy the future for Roo and Luke look bright.

Online social media, Roo’s story took the Internet by storm. On Twitter account @ZachSangShow, the loveable six-legged pooch received 197 likes and 15 retweets. On SWNS TV’s YouTube channel, Roo’s story received 109,968 views and 86 likes. Most comments for the puppy’s story were overwhelmingly positive or gushed over her cuteness. User Thunder Storm commented, “Adorable little girl, best wishes to you all.” Another YouTube watcher, Nick Stones, responded, “For sure the Lord gave this cute little puppy with new cool extra legs to become a superstar.”

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