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This Brave Bullying Victim Refused To Throw A Punch, And The Reason Why Will Melt Your Heart

Standing up to bullying can be a frightening experience, especially when they seem to have the upper-hand. However, this wise young boy didn’t dare throw a punch back at his assailant – and the reason why is as powerful as it is courageous.

Aiden’s Brutal Struggle With Bullies

In the eyes of his mother Lizette, Aiden Casanova is a unique kid with a resilient spirit. Unfortunately, in the last two years, Aiden has been forced to face off with a pack of frightening school bullies. And as they terrorized him more and more, Lizette began to fear for her child’s wellbeing.

According to Lizette, Aiden’s bullies put the poor boy in the hospital two times due to injuries resulting from their bullying. Their most recent encounter was so harsh that it pushed Lizette to take Aiden’s case to the authorities. But while his mother was rageful for her child, Aiden handled the terrifying event with an unbelievable amount of bravery.

A Discouraging First Week Back

During his very first week of school, Aiden came into contact with his bullies, and they didn’t show any mercy. They quickly stole Aiden’s backpack from him. Sadly, though Aiden tried to stand his ground, he was soon overpowered by his cruel classmates.

After asking for his backpack back numerous times, he lunged forward to retrieve it – and was punched square in the face. It resulted in a swollen, black eye and a cut above his eyebrow. But while most children would have felt the need to fight back, Aiden decided to take the high ground… because Star Wars had taught him to.

Aiden’s Courageous, Resilient Response

Lizette shared that Aiden “felt it in his soul not to hit back… IT’S NOT THE JEDI WAY!” The Star Wars fan certainly showed a great deal of bravery and strength when he chose to walk away from his tormentor. And while the Internet sent waves of praise his way, only one response truly counted: one from a Jedi himself.

Mark Hamill – a.k.a. Luke Skywalker – caught wind of Aiden’s incredible actions, and couldn’t help but praise him. Through Twitter, Hamill shared, “I’m astonished by his wisdom and courage at such a tender age. I may be a fictional Jedi, but this boy is the real deal.” The Force is certainly with sweet little Aiden!

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