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Bus Driver Saves Third Life In Her Career, Earning Her A Superhero Title

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Laronda Marshall isn’t your typical bus driver. In fact, she’s probably a bus driver during the day and a superhero at night. Why do we say that? Because she has saved three lives in the eight years she has worked for the Miami-Dade Transit Department of Transportation and Public Works.

In September 2019, Marshall saved a passenger, who was slumped in his seat and appeared sick. Of course, the story went viral on social media. Internet users were impressed with the heroic tale. We don’t blame them. So, how did she save him?

Saving His Life  

On September 26, 2019, Marshall was driving her normal bus route when a passenger warned her that a fellow passenger was ill. He was slumped over in his seat. Immediately, Marshall pulled over to the side of the street and called her headquarters for help. She tried to wake up the man, but when he didn’t respond to her efforts, she knew she had to do something.

Marshall laid the passenger on the bus floor and began performing CPR on him. The man still didn’t respond, but she didn’t give up until paramedics arrived to transfer him to the hospital. Marshall commented, “I have a love for people, and my instinct is to jump in and help.”

While Marshall was unsure if her actions helped, the man survived. Paramedics credited Marshall’s use of CPR in helping to save his life. Marshall said, “The paramedics told me…he would have passed away by the end of the line.”

Her Other Heroic Acts

This wasn’t the first time Marshall helped save someone’s life. It turns out being a hero is a part of her personality. In November 2017, Marshall saw a pedestrian lying in the middle of a street after apparently getting hit by a car. Marshall parked her bus in the street to block other cars from injuring the man. She stayed with him until paramedics arrived. She wasn’t going to leave until the man was safely cared for.

Then, a month later, in December 2017, Marshall spotted a young girl standing by herself in the middle of a street. She had no idea what was wrong with the girl, but she knew she had to do something. She led the girl to her bus to keep her safe until she was rescued.

It’s not surprising Marshall knows what to do to help others. Before her current occupation as a bus driver, she previously worked as a nursing assistant. She’s grateful to use her medical background to help anyone who needs assistance. “I really feel everybody should learn CPR because it could save a life,” Marshall said. “Especially in transit.”

Marshall’s heroism hasn’t gone unnoticed. According to Alice N. Bravo, director of the Miami-Dade Transit, Marshall has always “gone above and beyond her duties.” She commented, “We are extremely proud…and are grateful for her professionalism, heroism and her willingness to serve others—even in challenging situations.”

Inspiring Others

The Miami-Dade County Department of Transportation and Public Works shared Marshall’s heroism in a now-viral Facebook post. They reflected, “Ms. Marshall is a real-life superhero and we’re beyond proud to have her on our team.”

Of course, it didn’t take long for Facebook users to notice the heartwarming story. Several users shared their gratitude to Marshall and her brave, selfless act to save someone’s life.

Johanna N. Angel Campo commented, “Ms. Marshall, thanks for demonstrating your love and compassion. You are one of those God’s Angels that goes above and beyond.” Jo Trader said, “Awesome that human compassion still exists in the world today. Thank you to Ms. Marshall.” Finally, Tondelayo Clemons said, “I salute you. Need more people like you.”

We can’t help but agree. People love to read heartwarming stories about individuals like Marshall. It reminds them that there are good, selfless people in the world. We need more people like that.

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