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You Can Now Buy A 27-Pound Bucket Of Mac And Cheese At Costco, And We Don’t Know Whether To Rejoice Or Cry

I have really good news for both fans of macaroni and cheese and people who think the world is ending. Costco has debuted a 27-bucket of macaroni and cheese with a shelf life of twenty years. What are y’all waiting for? Get thee to Costco, and quick.

More Is More

We shouldn’t be surprised at Costco’s offering. It’s Costco! All you need to do to join the wholesale superstore is fork over a paltry fee. Once you’re a Costco member, you can peruse towering shelves of supersized quantities of products and scrap up a meal trying samples in the grocery section. I mean, why buy a 12-pack of Charmin when you can buy 30 Jumbo Rolls at Costco and a laptop if you’re in the mood?  Also, let’s admit it — it feels good to belong somewhere.

Oodles Of Noodles

The “more is more” philosophy of Costco inspired the mac n’ cheese bucket. The Chef’s Banquet brand mac and cheese bucket can be yours for $89.99. Now, the macaroni and cheese has not been prepared yet. Were you imagining iridescent noodles reminiscent of school cafeteria offerings? That would be gnarly. No, this bucket contains 180 individual packages of elbow noodles and 180 packages of cheddar cheese sauce.

Just In Case There’s An Apocalypse

If you’re worried about waste, you don’t need to be. Each individual packet of noodles and cheese is sealed with oxygen so the product can last for 20 years. Twenty years! With this handy bucket, you will be prepared for spontaneous dinner guests, backyard barbecues, the End of Days. Also, you can reuse the bucket for cornhole bags or storing dirty diapers.

In disappointing news, the 27 pound Mac and Cheese bucket was so popular, it’s currently sold out on Costco’s website. However, you can still scoop one up on Amazon. Cheers to a lifetime of mac and cheese consumption! It’s not the worst idea to be prepared.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved