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This Celebrity Is Helping the Homeless Through A Jewelry Line

Caitlin Crosby may not be the most famous singer out there, but she has found a way to shine brightly in her own way. In fact she seems to have found the “key” to changing other people’s lives for the better.

Through her jewelry line The Giving Keys, the singer and actress is helping homeless people get off the streets and get back on their feet.

In a report by ABC News, Crosby said that her it all started as a regular jewelry venture. She had a hotel key engraved with an inspiring message and then wore it at one of her performances. Fans took notice, so she began to make more and sell them at her shows. They were a hit and would consistently sell out.

Later on, Crosby met a homeless couple in Hollywood. She invited the pair to join her for dinner. Over the course of the meal, the woman mentioned that she loved making jewelry. That’s when a light bulb went on in her head. She began to employ the couple to make jewelry and the couple was able to save up enough money for an apartment for themselves.

Since then Crosby began employing other homeless people by partnering with Los Angeles organizations and transitional programs for people eager to get their lives back together again. The line, now known as The Giving Keys, has 20 employees at the moment and is working with four people who are transitioning out of homelessness.

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