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California Cop Adopts Newborn From Homeless Woman Desperate For Help

A police officer merely responding to a woman’s call for help had no idea that his life would soon change forever.

Forming Bonds

While on his beat with the Santa Rosa Police Department, Officer Jesse Whitten met a homeless woman battling drug addiction named Harlow. He would often see her on the streets and check in with her. Over time, the two developed a good bond. Jesse would even drive her to a shelter or detox center at times in attempts to help her.

One night, Jesse’s wife Ashley joined him while he was on patrol. The couple came across Harlow on the street. To their complete surprise, she was expecting a baby. However, the couple had no idea that the bundle of joy would soon shake up their entire family!

A Cry For Help

Six months later, Jesse and Ashley received an urgent call from Child Protective Services. Harlow had gone into labor and gave birth to a baby girl, born five weeks premature. That wasn’t all. The woman had a special request for the Whittens. She wanted them to raise her newborn child.

The couple was absolutely stunned and went to visit Harlow to ask more burning questions. The woman stated firmly that she wanted the Whittens to adopt the baby and give the child a better life. She trusted them both, especially Jesse because of how nicely he treated her. The biological mother believed that the baby would ultimately be better off with the Whittens, leaving them with a huge decision.

A Beautiful Blessing

After having a long talk, Jesse and Ashley decided to adopt the precious baby girl. They were already parents to three young girls –– Reese, Kendall, and Stella. The newborn would give Jesse and Ashley four beautiful daughters.

It took time for the adoption to become finalized. However, it was finally official when the baby was six months old. Jesse and Ashley named her Harlow Maisey Whitten, and the adorable girl has settled into her family quite nicely! Her new parents and sisters shower her with love, and she’s been an amazing surprise addition to the Whitten family!

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved