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How To Calm Your Dog With Music Designed Just For Him

Man’s best friend deals with a lot of issues in this modern day life. From separation anxiety to thunderstorms, sometimes our four-legged friends need a little bit of help handling the world they live in. To help your canine, a device has been developed that plays specifically-designed music for your pet and helps them relax.

Dog Music

Bioacoustic expert Joshua Leeds and concert pianist Lisa Spector have created different musical pieces that are designed to calm dogs. Their research of 150 dogs shows their music is twice as effective as classical music in reducing canine anxiety.

An impressive 75 percent of dogs in shelters and 85 percent of dogs in homes tested showed an increased calm while listening to their specifically structured music. This guy looks pretty calm.


The iCalmDog device is a portable music player with a microchip insert to load calming music for your best friend. The battery on one charge for the iCalmDog lasts for a whopping 8 hours, which is perfect if it’s being used to ease your dog’s separation anxiety while you’re at work.

You can also get a battery booster and extend the battery life to over 20 hours if you need it. The iCalmDog also comes with accessories to protect the music player on the go, so you can take it anywhere you can take your dog.

Dog Programs

There are 10 auditory programs in all to address all kinds of issues and fears your dog is having. Instead of using a sedative to deal with these issues, just pop in the appropriate audio program and help your dog. You never know, it could calm you too!

The issues and situations the ensembles address include: separation anxiety, aggression, elderly issues, puppy issues, car rides, bonding with humans, calming, thunderstorms, fireworks, and city sounds.

Victoria Stilwell, a dog trainer who uses only positive reinforcement, offers the iCalmDog and its music on her site, stating it’s her all-time favorite behavior management and training tool for dogs. That’s quite an endorsement!

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