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It’s Official, Canadian Man Builds ‘World Record Snow Maze’ In Manitoba

Canada knows a thing or two about snow, and how to best make use of frozen precipitation for recreation. After establishing themselves in the business of creating corn mazes, one Canadian company decided to branch out into a more winter-friendly maze option.

Snow Spectacular

Snow is useful for building snow forts, skiing, snowboarding, and making fantastic mazes. For anyone who is a fan of winter activities, there is nothing better than exploring a labyrinth made from snow and ice. Unlike a corn maze, some adjustments need to be made, like multiple exits in case someone gets lost inside.

In St. Adolphe, Manitoba, Canada, Clint Masse felt that a snow maze was a natural fit for his business, A Maze in Corn, Inc. Clint had this to say about the frozen labyrinth, “We’ve done a corn maze for so many years and a snow maze just looks like an awesome winter option.” The expert designed maze of ice and snow requires some effort to maintain, as walls occasionally need to be moved or put into place.

Guinness Worthy

Before Clint Masse erected a snow maze, Fort William Historical Park in Thunder Bay held the Guinness World Record for the largest snow maze on record. Rachel Gluck confirmed that A Maze in Corn, Inc. had managed to snag the title, as its snow maze measured an astonishing 2,789.11 square meters.

Visitors are invited to wander through the mesmerizing maze Thursday through Sunday until March 17th, provided the weather cooperates. Being a snow maze has its perils, as warming temperatures can melt walls.

An Amazing Feat

Although A Maze in Corn, Inc. has created a record-breaking winter maze that is smaller than its standard corn labyrinth, it’s still an incredible place for residents of Manitoba to enjoy. The snow maze was a labor of love and dedication, requiring six weeks, 12 full-time workers, and enough snow to fill 150 semi-trucks.

Clint Masse invested a total of 57,000 Canadian dollars to create his dream snow maze. After 21 years of designing and building corn mazes, Clint had the chops to pull off his crazy idea. Manmade snow was used for added stability, as the walls measure two feet thick and six-and-a-half feet in height. Visitors take about 30 minutes to walk through the maze decorated with statues and include fire pits to stay toasty.

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