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Your Heart Will Melt Over This Canadian Township’s Sweet Initiative To Save Its Wildlife

In a time when human convenience seems to be valued over nature, it can be difficult to feel hopeful about the future of the environment. However, there are some places that are adamantly at work protecting their vibrant wildlife. Recently in Canada, a township voted on an incredible initiative to help save a massive species in their little community.

The Significance Of Canada’s Wildlife

When you think of Ontario, Canada, you might picture the gorgeous Niagara Falls, their colorful autumns, or their fantastic maple syrup. But what about the spectacular wildlife that lives alongside our neighbors to the north? Ontario is home to stunning black bears, a number of beautiful bird species, and tons of wild deer and foxes. But in one little town, in particular, they treasure a sweet, shelled creature that roams abundantly through their streets.

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An Abundance Of Hard-Shelled Friends

In the Waterloo Region lies a township called North Dumfries, where an excess of turtles live, breed, and amuse the local residents with their presence. In fact, there are nearly 500 turtles in this town, falling into two categories: snapping and painted. Considering they are such a substantial part of their wildlife, it seems like the township would want to protect these endangered creatures at all costs. And now, they’re implementing a plan to stop frightening tragedies in the turtle community from continue to strike.

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A Frightening Threat To Their Safety

Unfortunately, turtles are slow-moving and difficult to see when they climb into the road. Cars barreling down Roseville Road often aren’t able to slow down in time to stop from hitting the poor creatures as they try to cross to the other side. As a result, their population of turtles has decreased over the years. They began to worry that they’d lose the entire sector of turtles entirely. Thankfully, the township seems to value their reptilian life as much as their humans.


Taking Initiative To Protect Them

After a two-year study offering a glance into their town’s turtles and how to keep them alive, experts seemed to find a way to keep them from wandering into the road. The Waterloo Regional Council decided to produce a plan to keep the turtles from dying in the busy street. Although the new system will cost them nearly $200,000, the council voted unanimously in favor of helping the turtles. But exactly what does their pricey plan entail?

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The Purpose Of Their Plan

The township now plans on constructing a series of tunnels and fences meant to help the turtles get to the other side of the road without wandering into traffic. The turtles will be directed by a series of fences to underground passages that will keep them out of harm’s way. The project is set to begin construction in 2019. Hopefully, it’ll keep their turtle population alive and thriving!

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