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Cardio Hacks: 5 Yoga Moves That Will Get Your Heart Pumping

Many people think of yoga as a nice, relaxing hobby: soft music, scented candles, and plenty of stretching. And while it can be those things, it can also be a hardcore workout. By pairing traditional yoga poses with strength moves, you can get your heart pumping without spending an hour on the treadmill. Here are our five favorite combos to get you started:

Add Leg Lifts To Downward Facing Dog

Down dog with leg raises works the glutes of the raised leg and stretches the hamstrings of the planted leg, as well as raising your heart rate. Start in plank position, then let your heels sink towards the floor while pushing your shoulders back toward your heels. Once in down dog, raise one leg towards the sky while keeping hips square to the floor. Slowly lower and raise and leg 10 times on each side.

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Add Upward Facing Dog To Burpees

Adding down dog to your burpees works your entire body while also keeping your heart rate up. Start by standing, then hop your legs back to pushup position. From there, stay in plank position, bend your elbows halfway, and flip your toes under so the tops of your feet are resting on the floor. Next, push your chest forward and allow your hips to drop, moving into down dog. When you’re ready, move back into pushup position, then hop your legs forward and jump back up to starting position.

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Add Squats to Chair Pose

Chair pose can get your quads shaking within a matter of seconds. Add in a few squats, and you’ve got a cardio workout as well! Start by keeping your ankles and knees together and sit back, as if you are about to sit on a chair. Next, lift your arms over your head with your pinkies rotated out externally. Hold the pose for eight breaths, and then move into a series of squats.

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Add Lunges To Crescent Pose

Crescent pose is a deep stretch for the hip flexors and quadriceps. To make it more of a dynamic workout, you can add static lunges into the mix. Begin with your right foot forward and your left leg back, shin perpendicular to the floor. Your front knee should be bent to 90 degrees and your feet hip-width apart. Hold the pose for eight breaths and then move into a series of 10 static lunges. Repeat on the other side.

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Add V-Ups To Boat Pose

Boat pose is a crazy core workout on its own. Add in some V-ups and it’s even more intense! With your legs flat on the floor, place your hands flat on the ground next to your hips. Lean back slightly and lift your legs off the floor, so your thighs are at a 45-50 degree angle. Hold the pose for 30 seconds, then move into a series of 10 V-ups.

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