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Cards Against Humanity Had The Most Hilarious Response To A Customer’s Demand

Over the last decade, the internet has helped businesses connect with their customers in unprecedented ways. Social media can be used to express real concerns or make, quite frankly, ridiculous requests. When this girl asked Cards Against Humanity to send her an insane amount of glitter, they fulfilled her wish to a terrifying degree!

The Hilarious ‘Cards Against Humanity’ Team

If you haven’t played ‘Cards Against Humanity,’ you aren’t hanging out with the right people on game night! This wacky adult card game takes Apples to Apples to a whole other level. It’s hilarious, mature, and sometimes uncomfortable question and answer cards make it a side-splitting treat to play with the right audience! And luckily, the company’s P.R. people are just as humorous as the game.

Recently, Cards Against Humanity decided to hop on board with LGBT+ pride month and send out a ‘Pride Pack’ of their cards—with the option of adding glitter! They must not have expected to get so many orders, because it didn’t take long for the company to run out of glitter to distribute. This caused animosity in one of their loyal players, but they decided to make it right in a hysterical way!

Begging For Glitter Bomb

When Kait Johnson hit the web to order her own ‘Pride Pack’ with glitter, she found that the product was sadly unavailable. In a state of disappointment, Kait took to social media to express her concerns. “So cards against humanity came out with a pride pack this month…but apparently they ran out of glitter,” she Tweeted. She didn’t mope for long, though. Instead, she decided to fight for her right to glitter!

She boldly emailed Cards Against Humanity, asking them to send her copious amounts of glitter and noting that it would “actually really make me happy.” They soon replied with a hilarious yet ominous message, and envelopes of glitter started to pour into Kait’s mailbox! Still, she wasn’t impressed with the minimal amount of sparkles they were sending.

A Horrifying Dream Come True

Kait emailed Cards Against Humanity one more time, saying “is that all you got?” Their response was golden and spine-chilling: “Sorry to have underwhelmed you. Thanks for the excuse to take this too far.” A few days later, a now-fearful Kait found the ultimate surprise waiting on her doorstep!

Upon opening the precarious package, Kait discovered that it was filled to the brim with five pounds of glitter! Kait soon found that the sparkles were inescapable, saying “Every time I think I’ve gotten rid of it, a tiny bit more appears.” Cards Against Humanity simply replied: “You did this to yourself.” They truly fulfilled her dreams—and probably made her think twice about ever wishing for something again!

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