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This Caribbean Island is the Perfect Place for Animal Lovers

Animal lovers beware: once you learn of this incredible, pet-savvy island, it’ll quickly become your dream vacation spot! If you’re a dog lover, this Carribean location will take paradise to a whole other level. Whether you want to sleep, swim, or snorkel with these wild pups, you won’t be able to wrap your head around how doggone wonderful this island is!

A Treat On Turks And Caicos

If someone were to boast about vacationing in Turks and Caicos Islands, pictures of white sand, clear water, and stunning sunshine may come to mind. However, the island of Providenciales has much more to offer than a tropical setting. In fact, it’s got something much better in store: bundles of bouncy, energetic, beach-bound puppies! But how exactly did these domestic creatures end up dominating an entire island?

Providenciales Potcake Puppies

The puppies that occupy Providenciales aren’t like any breed you’ve likely met. These unique pups originate from the Carribean area. They are called “potcakes,” earning their name from residents who fed the caked remains of their cooking pots to the wild canines. The mixed breed is incredibly energetic and very loving! However, their strong spirit and bright personalities aren’t how they captured their own island.

The Heart Behind Their Home

These canines don’t call this island home by accident! Rather, a sweet charity group made sure the pups would have a safe place to live, play, and be loved on. Potcake Place is a rescue group dedicated to “reducing the number of homeless potcakes on the island.” They house several dozen of this special breed on the island at any given time, allowing them to be fostered by loving locals. Luckily, these canines experience as much adventure as the tourists!

Boosting The Canines’ Confidence

Vacationing to this brilliant island gives the canines a chance to play, to build up their vibrant, social personalities, as well as for people to pet them. Interacting with humans, even if they are merely tourists, helps their chances of getting adopted in the future! Potcake Place allows interested vacationers to match up with one of these rescue dogs and spend a couple of hours roaming the island with them. Unsurprisingly, these pups get an extreme amount of attention!

Beach-Bound With An Energetic Potcake

Once one of these potcakes is in your care, hitting the beach is a blast! The canines love to dash over loose sand, splash in the water, and wander through the beautiful scenery with someone at their side. While the urge to keep such a sweet, energetic puppy forever is strong, a tourist can only keep a dog out for two hours at a time. But adoption is easy and nearly free—so who says the dream has to end once you leave the island?

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved