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Cat At Vietnamese Fish Market Goes Viral For Adorable Outfits

Local Vietnamese fish vendor Le Quoc Phong got everything right when he decided to make every day “Bring Your Cat To Work Day.” He scores even more points for naming this adorable Scottish Fold after his animal counterpart: Dog. And Hai Phong Market has certainly become the new hot spot as a result of this miniature helper, with customers and tourists flocking to the stall with cameras.

A Day In The Life

Looks like a blustery day in Hai Phong Market. Luckily, Dog is all decked out in proper rain gear. Or is that a traditional Vietnamese garment? Either way, this cat – er – dog, seems to be keeping a watchful eye towards the competition. Let’s just hope he doesn’t cave and eat his owner’s fish for lunch.



We agree it ain’t easy bein’ famous. But Dog seems to be handling it with a whole lot of personal style, even adding shades to his cheerful ensemble. He seems to be searching for his hat – where did it go? Life would be so much easier if people weren’t taking pictures of me all day!


Straight Gangsta

Fame sometimes gets to be too much, so here Dog is all decked out in a comfy red hoodie for a stroll around town (Because this cat doesn’t just walk – he strolls). And paparazzi, be forewarned: the incisors on the hoodie aren’t real, but when this cat opens his mouth… be afraid. Be very afraid.


Back To The Grind

And it’s back to the old market. Dog’s got on his yellow outfit and he’s ready to face the customers. Apparently, he sells everything – from fish to leafy greens – this cat is probably the best assistant a man could ask for. What do you think he gets paid for all this?


Happy Hour

It’s been a long day. Dog didn’t have time for a nap, and those haggling customers really wore him out. His human, Le Quoc Phong, changed him into his going out clothes. Maybe they’re going out on the town… or to a wedding. Dog sure does look like he needs a drink.


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