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Cat Caught On Film Making Hilarious ‘Matrix’-Style Escape From Three Bullies

We’re not sure who exactly caught this amazing animal footage, but we are so glad they did. Whether these are rival cat gangs putting on their rendition of West Side Story, or the cat in question is provoking his feline foes, is unclear. Whatever the case may be, it’s safe to say this little guy pulled off one of the greatest escapes in history in the hilarious video below.

Don’t Be Catty

Many people claim that there are two types of cats in this world: those that are nice, and those that are…um…not so nice. Research shows that our furry friends fall into a couple distinct personality categories. They can be shy, seeming timid or unsure of the world around them. Or they can be confident, sassy and trusting.


Some people believe there’s a third category that’s a tad more on the aggressive side. Wonder which ones the cats below belong to? Hmmm…

Kitty Has Claws!

When cats are agitated, the fierce feline comes out! It’s almost clear that they’re descendants of the vicious wild cats that roam the African plains today. When cats are in the chill zone, they often exhibit loving purrs, playful chirps and caring meows to their owners or fellow cats. They can be so sweet, rubbing against you affectionately or giving you a cute nose-to-nose “boop.”


But when they’re mad, they’re really mad. They often growl, hiss, and even spit. They force out their claws and bat at their opponent, inflicting maximum damage. Good thing the victim in the video is so quick.

Now for the Main Event!

You’ve waited long enough. Watch as the cats below wait to pounce on their cornered brother, just for the fancy-footed feline to duck, dive, and dodge all three predators.


Not today bullies, not today!

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