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This Cat Crashed An Important Interview, And It’s Absolutely Hilarious

Pets have a mind of their own, and they’re not always considerate when it comes to interrupting important moments. But when this Polish academic’s cat butt-in to an incredibly serious interview, he had the purrfect response!

Jerzy Targalski’s Confident Cat

Let’s face it: cats are stubborn, moody, and dominating. And if you were a cat belonging to a brilliant brainiac, how could you not develop some headstrong attributes? Lisio is the proud pet of Jerzy Targalski, a bright Polish academic. Recently, Lisio used Targalski’s fame to prove just how strong-willed a cat can be!

In light of recent political events, Targalski was asked to participate in an interview to voice his thoughts on the government’s Supreme Court. Unfortunately, the genius seemingly forgot one, tiny detail: to make sure Lisio couldn’t get into the room! Fortunately, what resulted from this little mistake was beyond hysterical.

The Feline’s Hilarious Interruption

The academic invited a Dutch news program, Nieuwsuur, into his home to conduct the interview. He had planned to discuss his opinion on Poland’s Supreme Court and the sudden removal of the head of the court. However, Lisio wasn’t afraid to attempt to sidetrack the conversation!

As Targalski answered the interviewer’s questions, Lisio took the opportunity to slip into the frame. But Lisio didn’t just want a moment on the camera. Rather, he scaled Targalski’s entire shoulder and perched on his back like a bird! Luckily, Targalski didn’t get mad at the curious cat.

Targalski’s Amazingly Composed Response

Rather than stopping the interview to remove Lisio from the shot, Targalski continued to talk as he balanced on his shoulders. As the feline wrapped its tail around Targalski’s face, the academic merely brushed it to the side and gently held it next to his ear. But Lisio wasn’t giving up on their efforts to derail the meeting!

Not only did Lisio continue to dance around on his owner’s shoulders – the cat began to clean itself as well! Lisio also managed to sneak a few kisses onto Targalski’s ears. Surprisingly, even after getting some licks from his cat’s sandpapery tongue, Targalski kept his cool and continued with the conversation. Targalski’s composure is shocking! Do you think you’d be able to keep a straight face if your cat was this persistent?

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