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Cat Discovering It Has Ears Breaks The Internet With Cuteness

Does your heart jump for cuteness and cats? You don’t have to wait for Caturday to enjoy a dose of fantastic felines. One furry four-legged resident of Brooklyn, NY, who goes by the name Mimo is owning the internet. While most cats may be content hiding out in strange places or lounging about in laundry, Mimo is all about the journey of self-discovery.

So Purr-fectly Adorable

Some cats have that extra thing that makes them so delightfully fun to watch. Mimo definitely shows a mix of curiosity, adventurous, and is always ready for her close-up. Other cats may be camera shy, but not Mimo. You can’t help but break out into a smile or giggle checking out this sweet little kitty.

mimothekitten / Instagram

Just Another Urban Hip Cat

Mimo is a Scottish feline who enjoys doing typical things in a Brooklyn apartment. If Mimo isn’t catching some sun in a window or taking a cat nap, she loves to explore her surroundings. This sophisticated kitty in New York City understands the importance of a soft blanket for moments of downtime.

mimothekitten / Instagram

The Appeal Of Reveal

Most creatures on the planet seem to recognize themselves fully, but Mimo seems to have a double-take worthy moment in the mirror. You can’t help but go awww when Mimo touches her pettable pointed ears atop her head. The moment seems transcendental for Mimo, who seems mesmerized by her reflection and adorable furry appendages.

mimothekitten / Instagram

The Other Kitty In The Mirror

Mimo proves that humans are not the only ones who have moments of self-awareness. This kitty can’t help but be compelled by the power of the mirror. Mimo readily gets sucked into checking out their appearance, but not in a self-absorbed way. Felines are advanced enough to recognize a moment worth taking pause.

mimothekitten / Instagram

Catting Around

Thanks to Mimo sharing her experience of self-awareness and discovery via her reflection, you have to give cats more credit. This funny feline proves once and for all that cats are capable of deep thought, and are as sentient and curious about their existence as humans. Until next time, more adventures and share-worthy moments await.

mimothekitten / Instagram

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