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This Cat Will Not Let Go Of This ‘Gift’ The Vet Gave Her, And It’s Just Adorable

If you’re a pet owner, chances are you’ve bought your pet a toy. Usually, our furry friends push the toy under the couch and forget about it. That was not the case for this little kitty! Belle, the cat, loved her toy so much, she never went anywhere without it. From kittenhood to adulthood, Belle and her tiny pillow have been inseparable.

The Clingy Cat

In May 2017, Katie Gaber adopted Belle. The pair moved to their new home in North Dakota, which is when Katie started to notice something different about her new furry friend.

Katie Gaber

Something Missing

Katie noticed that Belle was extremely clingy! The tiny kitten would cling to her and not want to be let go. Even though Belle got plenty of attention at home, Katie knew that something was still missing.

Katie Gaber

A Void That Couldn’t Be Filled

Even Belle’s 3-year-old cat brother Jazzy couldn’t seem to fill the void. Despite her efforts, Jazzy wasn’t too keen on snuggling with his new sister.

Katie Gaber

Her Missing Piece

It wasn’t until Belle’s first visit to the vet that she would find her missing piece. What the vet gave Belle changed the little kitten’s life forever!

Katie Gaber

A Tiny Pillow

It was a small square of fabric that helped Belle calm down that day in the vet’s office. The vet noticed how much Belle loved it, and let her bring it home.

Katie Gaber


From that day forward, you could always find Belle with her little square pillow. She would carry it around in her mouth wherever she went!

Katie Gaber

A True Companion

The fabric square serves its purpose as a toy, a friend, and even as a pillow. Belle will sometimes put the pillow between her paws, rest her head on it, and take a cat nap.

Katie Gaber

A Symbol Of Comfort?

Belle’s family doesn’t know why she is so attached to the tiny pillow. It doesn’t even have catnip inside it! It could be that the pillow brought her comfort during her time at the vet, or maybe it reminds her of her mother.

Katie Gaber

An Enduring Bond

As Belle gets older, she shows no signs of giving up her favorite toy from kittenhood. It’s Belle’s version of a security blanket.

Katie Gaber

Friends For Life

Belle’s family knows that wherever the tiny pillow is, Belle can be found nearby. Now that’s what we call a powerful bond for life!

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