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12 Years After First Encounter, This Cat And Lynx Pair At Russian Zoo Are Still BFFs

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Have you ever had a roommate that you just couldn’t stand? Fortunately, that’s not the case with Linda and Dusya, a domestic cat and a wild lynx that have been roomies at the Leningrad Zoo for 12 years. These two have nothing but love for each other, and there are tons of adorable photos to prove it. Bet you wish your housemate was this cool!

Best Buds

Linda the lynx has been living at the Leningrad Zoo since June 2007. After a while, the zoo introduced Dusya the kitten into Linda’s cage as a kind of social experiment. Twelve years later, Linda and Dusya are closer than ever.

The zookeepers placed the two cats together to demonstrate their differences, but it turns out that they’re loving life together.

Just Kitten Around

At first, zookeepers were nervous that the two cats wouldn’t get along, so they would only place Dusya into Linda’s compound for a short amount of time. Since they were about the same size, they got along super well. Soon enough, they spent 24/7 together.

The furry friends have a blast playing with toys, but their favorite plaything is a cardboard box. Linda just loves to nap in a big ol’ cardboard box.

Pawsitive Pals

The two feline friends share the same schedule and eat all of their meals together. The only time that these roomies have any drama is when Linda overpowers Dusya to eat her food. But honestly, what roommate hasn’t done that?

Like any bunkmates, these two have their fair share of issues, but they’re always besties at the end of the day.

Social media response has been crazy supportive. Leningrad Zoo already has almost 30,000 followers on the Russian social media site VK!

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