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This Cat’s Reaction To Her Pregnancy Is The Funniest Thing You’ll See Today

Welp, surprise! This rescue cat went in for a standard checkup and was completely shocked to discover that she was expecting kittens. Her reaction is definitely one for the record books!

Escaping The Streets

Ulla, a tabby cat, was found roaming the streets of Nuuk, Greenland, during the area’s harsh winter months. The poor cat might not have survived the cold on her own. However, she was soon brought to a local animal shelter for food and warmth.

Facebook / Dyrenes Venner

Rescue organization Dyrenes Venner (translation: “Protector of Animals in Greenland”) brought Ulla in, and the cat immediately adapted to her temporary home. She had no problem playing nice with the employees, as well as the other cats, dogs, and guinea pigs that Dyrenes Venner houses. But, everyone would soon be stunned by the big secret that Ulla was carrying… literally.

A Total Surprise

Volunteers at the shelter began to notice that Ulla was getting pretty big. The cat was only a little over a year old, but she was growing at a large rate, particularly around her belly. Ulla was taken to the vet to receive an ultrasound, and couldn’t believe the results herself!

Facebook / Dyrenes Venner

Ulla’s ultrasound showed that she was pregnant, and the poor cat’s face said it all. She was definitely not expecting to see that! Tone Frank, who serves on the board at the shelter, managed to get a few pics of Ulla’s stunned face. The cat’s face was absolutely hilarious and would soon attract a lot of attention!

Finding A Family

The shelter shared Ulla’s hilarious photos online, which quickly gained the attention of many, including a family who wanted to adopt her! The cat has been living with her new foster family on a trial basis and seems to be adapting well.

Facebook / Dyrenes Venner

The family not only wants to keep Ulla but also all of her kittens when they are born. Until that day, Ulla has been resting and getting to know her soon-to-be adoptive family, including another cat friend, Sofus. Though she may have been shocked at first, there’s no doubt that Ulla will love and care for her babies once they arrive.

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