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This Lady Never Expect Her ‘Secret Admirer’ To Be A Cat

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live out a real-life romantic movie? One lucky lady got to experience just that when her furry admirer began leaving pink flowers littered all over her deck like a scene from something from a Harlequin romance! At first, she thought it was just the wind, but later found out it was her neighbor’s cat all along.

The Neighborhood’s Furry Admirer

Willow the cat resides in a quaint UK neighborhood, where she is well known by her neighbors as a friendly, affectionate kitten. While Willow has made connections with many of her neighbors, she has one special friend she tends to spoil: Rosie, Willow’s neighbor, started noticing pink flowers from her neighbor’s yard on her back porch.

At first, Rosie chalked it up to the wind, but one of her housemates let her in on Willow’s little secret. Rosie’s housemate had seen Willow carrying the pink flowers in her mouth. According to Rosie, it took around ten flowers before they even realized it was Willow.

Willow The Flower Thief

“She clearly likes us,” said Rosie, “because she steals flowers from [her owners] and leaves them on our deck.” Rosie and her housemates would come home to the pink flowers scattered all over their back deck like some kind of dandy suitor.

Many think cats are unfriendly, dismissive animals, but Rosie and her roommates insist Willow is the opposite of that. Willow made sure that her neighborhood friends always had flowers on their porch, which made Rosie want to see the kitten in action even more. “I’d never seen her with them before,” said Rosie, “but for the past few weeks now there’s been a new little flower on the deck every couple of days.”

Caught On Camera

Luckily, this very thing finally happened for Rosie. She was in the kitchen one day and saw Willow prancing up to their back porch. Rosie grabbed her phone to capture the adorable moment. “I was so excited that I went to film it because she’s so cute and I’d never seen a cat ever bring back anything but dead animals before,” said Rosie.

It’s obvious that this sweet kitty knows how to keep her neighborhood friends happy!

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