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Cat Travels 12 Miles Back To Family Who Abandoned Him

Toby, a stray cat from North Carolina, was taken in by a local family. When they discovered he wasn’t getting along with their other cats, they gave him to another family, who lived about 12 miles away. Toby didn’t understand what was going on. Surely, this was a mistake!

An Abandoned Cat

So, Toby started his long 12-mile journey home, but when he arrived, his “family” didn’t let him inside like he expected. Instead, they loaded the poor little guy into their car and swiftly drove him to the local animal shelter. The owners walked right up to the front counter with 7-year-old Toby and asked them to euthanize the cat.


They couldn’t be bothered with this cat who loved them so much. Clearly, he had to be destroyed.

The Rescue

The animal shelter was shocked. How could a family do such a thing? They refused to put Toby to death and immediately contacted the SPCA. They asked the SPCA if they could take Toby and find him a truly loving home. He deserved this second chance.

SPCA of Wake County

The SPCA, of course, agreed and took Toby. After treating him for some infections and having him neutered, Toby was ready for adoption. As soon as they posted Toby’s picture and story on social media, a woman in New Hampshire knew just where Toby should be.

A New Home

The New Hampshire woman called her sister, Michele, in Raleigh, North Carolina, and told her all about Toby. Michele jumped in the car that very day and headed out to the SPCA to meet Toby. She had a good feeling about him!


Toby took to her right away, and Michele decided to add him to her family. She loaded Toby into her car and this time, he was headed for a great place. He was going to meet his new loving family! Thank goodness Toby is now surrounded by lots of love and is very happy in his new forever home.

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