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You Won’t Be-able to Unsee this Cat’s Human-Like Face

Science has proven that the more time pets spend with their owners, the more they come to resemble them! But how do you explain a cat that was born with a nearly-human face? That is the case for this frisky feline, and she is taking the internet by storm!

The Personhood Of Pets

Have you ever crooned over a pig wearing rainboots, a cat in a sweater, or a dog dressed in a Halloween costume? For whatever reason, the world is obsessed with animals that have human attributes. Most of these quirky features can be credited to mankind’s willingness to shove their pets into tiny clothing and cute accessories. But what about the animals who truly seem to be human inside?


Valkyrie’s Multi-Faceted Humanhood

Cats are often moody, indecisive, and adopt their own personalities. Sometimes, their stubborn attitudes can make them seem extremely human-like! However, this feline, Valkyrie, takes this theory to a whole other level. The cat doesn’t just have a unique personality, but also features a remarkably human face! But what makes Valkyrie look so much like a person?


Her Insanely Human-Like Features

This cat’s striking facial features are impossible to ignore! Valkyrie truly seems to be a person stuck in the body of a cat. Perhaps, it’s her worried, stressed-out expression that gives her the look of a human. It also may be due to the kitten’s high cheekbones, wide eyes, and a hilarious array of moody scowls! Either way, the internet has plenty of theories about how the cat earned her features.


The Internet’s Theories For Valkyrie’s Appearance

Valkyrie was recently adopted from an orphanage…we mean shelter…and her new family began to post her photos online. From the moment her face hit social media, the cat became a controversial creature! Some people theorized that the feline was a human who had been cursed to take on the form of a cat. Others decided that she was a wizard who drank too much Polyjuice potion! Despite plenty of fun and wild theories, Valkyrie doesn’t seem to be a huge fan of the attention.


Valkyrie’s Rejection Of The Spotlight

The human-faced cat is sassy in nearly every photo! She isn’t afraid to give the camera some serious side eye. However, her funny frowns only make her seem more person-like. Her adoring fans certainly love her angry expressions! At the end of the day, we can only wonder if Valkyrie is nothing more than a cat or truly a trapped human being (though we think it’s definitely the latter)!


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