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Mean Kitty’s Reaction To Owner Faking His Own Death Is Priceless

We all know that dogs are considered man’s best friend, but what about cats? They’re often considered to be less caring than your average dog, maintaining a more aloof and standoffish air than their canine cousins. Take Sparta, a 10-year-old Bengal mix for instance. His owner affectionately calls him Mean Kitty and regularly documents the cat’s jerky behavior on his own YouTube channel.

A Sudden Death

Someone asked Sparta’s dad the question, “What would Sparta do if you suddenly died?” He thought it would be interesting to find out, so he set up a camera and proceeded to fake his own death in front of his kitty.

He went all out, choking and clutching his chest before dramatically falling to his knees and remaining motionless.

Sensing Something’s Wrong

Sparta immediately knew that something was up and came running down the stairs meowing. He looked the situation over and seemed to look around for help, meowing all the while. When no help presented itself, he checked his owner out by sniffing all around him and giving him a couple nuzzles.

Cats are quite intuitive, so something tells me that at this point Sparta knew that his dad was up to some kind of hijinks. I mean, he was still breathing and everything, even if he wasn’t moving. Sparta may have thought that it was just a strange place for Dad to take a nap in the middle of the day.

Can’t Be Fooled

It didn’t take long for the feline to decide that there wasn’t much he could do about the situation, however. He soon settled down across from his still motionless owner and rolled over onto his back to take a nap himself.

After Sparta’s hilarious reaction, his owner looked over at him and said, “Really?” Sparta just looked back at him as if to say, “I knew all along there was nothing wrong.”

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