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Celebrate ‘World Turtle Day’ With These Heartwarming Pictures Of Precious Hatchlings

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Have you heard? May 23rd is World Turtle Day. Founded by the nonprofit organization American Tortoise Rescue, the day celebrates the reptile with the lined face, soulful eyes, slow pace, and the shell on his back. It honors the turtle in all of its many forms from large and decades-old to just hatched and making its way to the ocean or peeping out of its shell.

Turtles can be cute and turtles can be wise and these five photos show why we’re fans of the turtle and excited to celebrate its well-earned day of glory.

This Baby Turtle Is Digging Right Into Some Mashed Potatoes

There may be nothing cuter than determined, smaller animals. On that score, this baby turtle fits right in. He has pointed himself right towards a pile of creamy, buttery mashed potatoes that is taller than he is.

Baby turtle loves eating mashed potato

He’s not daunted by it, though. Clearly, he’s up for a challenged and determined to enjoy as much out of this potato pile as he can. His mouth is open so wide that it’s even possible to see his pink turtle tongue. We can only hope that he doesn’t eat so much that he grows too big for his shell!

In His Next Life, This Turtle Is Going To Be A Clown

Who says that humans are the only animals with a sense of humor? This turtle is sporting the big eyes and a goofy grin that would almost surely bring a smile to anyone’s face. And the silliness is doubled by the reptile’s position. He’s near the top of his tank and everything he’s up to is being reflected in a mirror image.

Super Funny Turtle =)

Some social media followers were captivated. They loved the image but couldn’t help but wonder if someone had added something to the tank. A user called ScruffyBelievesinthisCompany commented, “I can totally hear colors, man!”

A Shell Within A Shell

Users were captivated when photos of a newly hatched turtle, looking very tiny compared to the fingers of the person holding it, had surfaced on Reddit. The picture was even more captivating because of the turtle’s large soulful eyes, open mouth and the fact that its head was pulled into its neck and shell. It was an adorable look, almost as if a human had pulled their head within a turtleneck sweater.

Baby Turtle from r/Eyebleach

Redditors were full of quirky comments on the post. A follower named bbyliar chimed in with a simple “peek a boo” which seems to set the tone for the photo.

Isn’t That What Moms Are For?

In another Reddit photo, a baby sea turtle is photographed at exactly the moment it catches a ride on its mother’s head.

baby turtle rides on mom’s head from r/aww

As the picture shows, the tiny turtle looks elated, with its flippers stretched out in glee almost like Kate Winslet’s arms when she’s with Leonardo DiCaprio at the front of the Titanic. The mom’s eyes seem to tell a different story. It’s almost as if she wants to say, “if you don’t cut this out in one minute, I’m turning around!”

Turtle Tummy Tickle

Nothing says joy like the face of a baby turtle who is having their stomach tickled by a toothbrush. Really… nothing compares. The terrapin’s wide, goofy grin and outstretched legs radiate more happiness than even the look on a dog’s face when they’re getting their own belly scratch. It’s hard to know how the turtle detects the bristles through his shell, but something appears to be feeling great.

A very happy baby turtle. from r/photoshopbattles

Reddit fans who commented on the page where the photo appeared loved it too. One of them named Vodkaanddietsprite said, “hahaha, even if this is the only post, this made my day!”

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