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Chichi the Golden Retriever Becomes An Inspirational Therapy Dog

Chichi, a golden retriever who was born in South Korea’s dog meat market now finds herself being an inspiration to others.

The adorable golden retriever was found in a rural area outside South Korea where dog meat is extensively sold. Her legs were tightly bound with wire that her bones and tendons were showing and the only way to save her was to have them amputated.

Elizabeth and Richard Powell, the Arizona couple who adopted the poor dog told AZ Central, “They were initially going to euthanize her but, based on how she was interacting with [the rescuers], they decided to save her because she wanted to live.”

Chichi was adopted last March 2016 and now lives with her new family in Arizona. Despite having her legs amputated, she now lives to become an inspiration to others as a therapy dog for the local community.

According to the same media outlet, Chichi’s owners said: “She is just a resilient dog and she’s inspirational to the people that need her. We felt that since she brings so much joy to our lives that it would be a shame to not share her.”

“I would feel a little guilty to not share her with the rest of the world because she is so amazing.”

Chichi whose name in Korean means “loving” has finished her certification course to become a therapy dog. She now visits local hospitals and finds a strong bond with patients with the same condition as hers.

Her owners said: “They’ll see her walking around with four amputations and it’s motivating for them. I think it’s really encouraging for us to see how much she inspires and impacts people just by the really touching things they tell us.”

Her story was shared on Social Media garnering more than 30,000 followers and a GoFundMe page was created to help her get new prosthetics and to fund her treatments.

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