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Chicken Caught On Camera Literally Crossing The Road Goes Viral

The humble chicken has managed to hold our attention, especially when a joke becomes reality. Yes, it’s that classic question, “Why did the chicken cross the road?” When one driver took notice of a chicken strutting across the asphalt, they hurriedly took the opportunity to question the bird with a camera in hand to capture all the action.

Stranger Than Fiction

Most people probably think chickens spend their time frolicking on farms, pecking at feed, and living it up in coops. Then again, some birds feel the need to break away from the flock and live a little dangerously.

Sometimes a chicken needs to stretch their wings, shake a tail feather, and explore whatever is beyond the other side of the road. One fateful day, a chicken dared to cross the road, unknowingly with a camera lens focused on their moves. Maybe, just maybe, the video would shine a light on the chicken’s motivation.

Joke In Action

There are reports of chickens in Canada who venture out at the same time to grab a snack at Tim Hortons in Canada. Other yard birds have been spotted straying around the edges of busy roadways, looking for a sign that it is safe to cross. The chicken captured on video was indeed a character, as it boldly strutted its stuff across the road.

The cameraman, who was behind the wheel of his vehicle, hurriedly pulled over to interview the chicken on their actions. It was anyone’s guess if this chicken would explain why it was crossing the road and where they would be headed next. With bated breath, impromptu cameraman, Dalton Szymanski paused to capture the chicken’s response.

Unspecified Intent

Not a single cluck was uttered to the interviewer, as this bird’s beak was sealed tight about crossing the road. If it weren’t for the video of the chicken crossing the word online, thanks to @Dalton_Reed02 on Twitter, one might not believe that a joke had unfolded in real life and in real time.

Since this fowl was unwilling to answer any questions on this viral video, we can only continue to speculate on this perplexing riddle.

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved