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A Childless Dog And A Motherless Possum Become An Unlikely Pair Of Besties

Sara and Elle Moyle were going through a tough time. Their beloved dog Molly had just lost an entire litter of puppies to death, and the dog was obviously feeling down about it. When Molly found a motherless possum, both animals were able to fill the holes in their hearts.

Molly Is Not Herself

Like humans, animals have maternal instincts. A mother dog goes through hormonal changes and takes great pride in caring for her puppies. When all of Molly’s newborn puppies died suddenly, Molly was heartbroken.

The dog, who was usually alert and playful, seemed to be only a shell of herself. The light had gone from her eyes, and she spent her entire day walking around the house. Usually, she would stop and play or dutifully follow her owners around, but Molly’s earth had been shattered.

Molly Finds A Baby

Things started looking up for Molly when she found a baby in need. A baby possum, named Poss, wandered into Molly’s yard and waltzed right into her heart. Poss’ mother had left the baby brushtail possum all alone.

Poss climbed onto Molly’s back, and Molly loved the way it felt to be needed by a tiny animal again. Molly needed a baby, and Poss needed a mommy. They filled each other’s needs!

Poss Finds A Mother

When Elle and Sara saw Poss and Molly together, there was no question in their minds. Molly had adopted Poss, so they had a new addition to their home. Although Poss is nocturnal, Molly waits up for Poss to make sure they can spend time together every day.

Although Poss has grown some, she still spends much of her days riding on the back of her new mother, Molly. Watch here to see Molly and Poss getting the spotlight shone on them on the local news.

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