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Chinese Nurse Crafts Clever Note To Foreign Student Who Needs Surgery, And The Internet Had To Chime In

Visiting the hospital is never a fun experience, but being in the hospital is even more stressful when you aren’t fluent in the same language as your doctors. A student from an English-speaking country was studying abroad in China. That’s when a nurse trying to get over the language barrier wrote a very funny note. The student, Reddit user WaspDog was the first to post the viral note.

Getting The Message Across…

The student didn’t speak fluent Chinese, and the nurse didn’t speak fluent English. The student’s medical condition was still very serious, and he was going to have surgery the next day.

The nurse had to find some way to make sure he knew about his surgery. After trying to use words, she realized that wasn’t going to work. She decided to draw a picture.

…With A Picture

After recovering from his illness, the student posted the nurse’s drawing to Reddit, and the Internet has had a field day with the picture. The nurse was able to find a few English words to help get her points across.

The note reads: “Tonight 22:00 after no (drawing of food) no (drawing of water.) Tomorrow morning (picture of a knife with blood dripping off of it) 8:00.”

Silver Lining In A Painful Circumstance

What did the nurse mean by that note? After 22:00 or (10:00 pm) that night, the student was not supposed to drink water or eat any more food because he was having surgery the next morning. Many people found the note to be absolutely hilarious because the knife dripping with blood seemed a little threatening.

Frostdynamite from Reddit interpreted it to mean “Tonight after 10 pm no eating or drinking. Tomorrow at 8 am you will be murdered.” The Internet then responded in droves with hilarious interpretations of the message. “You don’t need to ear or drink tonight because tomorrow we’re gonna kill you,” Reddit user Vincent Brochu wrote as his interpretation.

Thankfully, the student’s surgery was successful. The nurse did all she could to make sure her patient understood her. The student is back to perfect health, and he will always have a great story to tell about the time he went to the hospital in China. He and his nurse found a reason to laugh during a stressful situation.

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