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This Incredibly Talented Chinese Vlogger Uses Makeup To Magically Transform Into Famous Faces

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A YouTube vlogger from Chongqing, China, is stunning the world with her gift for makeup. He Yuhong has the amazing ability to transform into almost any famous person, just by using makeup. Learn more about her story and watch her amazing transformations below!

A Gifted Artist

He Yuhong, who goes by Yuka Mika on Instagram and YouTube, is a talented young makeup artist who is going viral for her stunning transformations. She has already been able to “change” into Johnny Depp, Mona Lisa, Taylor Swift, among others.

He uses different shades and contour to create the illusion of these people. Her new looks are so real that you might just think she’s the actual person she’s portraying.

Humble Beginnings

He Yuhong, who goes by Yuka Mika on YouTube, was first a teacher before she began showcasing her talents online. She began recording quick videos that sped up her process of creating these famous replicas, balancing her vlogging with her teaching career.

It takes plenty of patience and a steady hand as He works on these transformations for hours on end. But it was one incredible challenge she did that catapulted her career into higher heights.

A New Challenge

One of He’s fans mentioned that she looked like Mona Lisa and challenged her to create that look. He was up for the challenge. She spent days studying the structure, color, and shade of the famous Leonardo da Vinci’s portrait in order to make her look as realistic as possible.

After successfully recreating the look, which took her six hours to complete, He went viral on both YouTube and Instagram. Her Instagram account alone now has over 600,000 followers who regularly watch her makeup videos. That’s something that He is really proud of. “I’m happy to see that people like my recreation work. I’m greatly encouraged by their positive feedbacks,” she said.

Watch her amazing transformation into the Mona Lisa below!

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