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A Sweet Story About Chris Evans And His Rescue Dog, Dodger

When we think of Chris Evans, we think of The Avengers and Captain America. We think of strength and the moral compass of a man from simple beginnings. Captain America would certainly own a dog and, as it turns out, Chris Evans is a dog lover himself.


Chris was playing a role in the movie Gifted when he was preparing to shoot his last scene. It took place in a kennel and he wasn’t sure if the dogs in the kennel were actors or not. When he walked in, he discovered that they were all dogs in need of a home.

US Magazine

He couldn’t get the shelter dogs out of his mind. So, after shooting his last scene, he walked up and down the isles of the adorable homeless dogs, when one in particular caught his eye.

It was love at first sight.

Meeting Dodger

He brought the little guy home and named him Dodger. The two have been inseparable ever since, except when he’s working. Most of the time he needs to travel for his acting career and Dodger can’t always come, so they have to spend some time apart.

Chris Evans via Twitter

Of course, they miss each other when he’s gone, but as soon as he gets back, he rushes home to his dog. Dodger is waiting for Chris with bated breath. He can’t wait to hang out with his best friend.

Best Friends

Fans have been loving Chris’s Twitter posts full of pictures and videos of him and Dodger hanging out and playing together. According to his posts, they play, eat, and sleep together. A match made in heaven.

Chris Evans via Twitter

Dodger couldn’t have asked for a better home and Chris couldn’t have asked for a better dog. These two were lucky they found each other.

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