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These Light-Up Christmas Ornaments For Your Beard Are Sure To Make The Holidays Brighter

Is your beard looking a little on the dull side? Lacking that sparkle or je ne sais quas? Listen. The holidays are on the way and we’ve got just the thing. You can now bedazzle your beard with customized fairy lights. For the season, or you know, just Tuesday.

Let Those Bristles Shine

All right, all right. This sounds too amazing to be true. How, you may wonder, do these beard sparkles work?

For one thing, they’re light. Because after all, you can’t be rocking old school bulbs around town. (Though that might inspire a new strategy of skin treatment. Face-pulling?) This accessory runs on tiny batteries.


It features 18 multicolored nano LED lights on a 90-centimeter wire that clips easily into your beard. You can even customize the colors. Beard bedazzlers can weave them through their facial hair and adjust them for maximum festivity.

Sparkle Your Beard With Caution

It’s not all fun and games. If there were no precautions, we’d all walk around with beard fairy lights 24/7. But there are, so if you are considering investing in some, listen up.


Firebox, the company behind Beard Lights, discourages users from lighting up their beards when you’re swimming or it’s raining outside. Also, you might want to go easy on the kegstands. Booze plus Beard Lights could be dodgy.

Deck The Beard With Beardaments

If the twinkling beard is not quite your style, there are other options. Maybe you’d prefer to dangle festive objects from your facial hair instead.


Beardaments offers lightweight baubles in an array of designs. You can pepper them throughout your beard for a dash of sparkle here, maybe a hint of shine there. These are a little less risky than Beard Lights if you’re hitting the bars hard around holiday time. But make no mistake — they are equally dangerous in transforming you into one sparkly bearded lady magnet.

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