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Forget The Elves: Penguins Dressed In Their Christmas Best Spread Holiday Cheer In Japan

Let’s face it, penguins already have the cute factor going for them. They rock a suave tuxedo and a charming waddle. Also, we love the way they hop on their bellies to slide down an incline. So, what happens if you dress them up in Santa costumes? We’ll tell you. This posse of penguins in Japan is giving those polar bears in the Coke commercials a run for their money in cuteness.

Walk Like A Penguin

Matsue Vogel Park in Shimane Prefecture is a lush park with gardens, thoughtful architecture, and friendly wildlife. If you visit, you can hang out with penguins every day. As part of the “penguin stroll,” visitors to the site walk the grounds accompanied by these flightless birds.

That already sounds fantastic. We could stroll with the penguins all day long. As long as we keep an eye out for penguin poop. But what happens if you dress them up in Santa costumes? It leads to an exponential increase in adorable.

Cuteness Overload

For the holiday season, zoo officials have enhanced the “penguin stroll” by dressing up the penguins in holiday gear. They now sport lush red cloaks with fur trim and a striking green and gold accent ribbon.

Did we mention the bells? As part of their Christmas look, the penguins have bells attached to their red cloaks, which produce a cheerful jingle as they waddle through the park. This is not the first time the Matsue Vogel Park penguins have dressed up for their fans. During the World Cup, they wore Japanese jerseys to support their team. They also showed their fandom for Japan by wearing Olympics-inspired looks for their parade around the park.

A Viral Holiday Waddle

Not everybody can make it to Japan for a pre-Christmas excursion. Thankfully, tourists have documented the Santa penguins and the videos have gone viral. Because who can resist a group of penguins in Santa costumes jingling through a park?

Check out these festive strollers below. We dare you to resist their holiday spirit.

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