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Single Dad’s Christmas Presents For Daughters Stolen But It All Ended With Smiles

Christmas shopping can be stressful, but even more so when someone pulls a total grinch and steals the presents you buy for your kids! A single father in Utah was doing a little online shopping for his girls only to discover that the gifts were stolen upon arrival. He took matters into his own hands and the result was astounding!

The Perils Of Online Shopping

As a single father, Christmas means a lot to Shawn Kojima and his two daughters.

With the holidays rapidly approaching, Shawn decided to buy some presents for his girls online. Unfortunately, when it came time for the gifts delivery, Shawn was at work. He got an alert that the presents had been delivered, but when he got home, he was shocked to find nothing there.

Home Security System To The Rescue

Fortunately for Shawn, he has a home security system complete with a camera, and after checking the tape, he saw the thief that stole his daughter’s presents!

Shawn decided to take matters into his own hands and post a picture of the thief online while pleading for help from his network to find the man. “I was honestly thinking that a few of my friends would repost the pics I posted on social media,” he said. “To my surprise, it caught on like wildfire.”

Thief Had A Conscience

Within two days of Shawn’s post on social media, the thief had seen all the fanfare and felt horrible about what he had done. Much to Shawn’s surprise, the gifts showed up on his doorstep along with a very apologetic note. “I am writing you this letter to apologize for the scumbag move I made the other day,” the thief wrote. “I don’t know what came over me…I am truly sorry.”

Shawn’s Christmas with his daughters is saved, and he’s hoping to make other parents aware of his story so that the same thing won’t happen to them. “Anything I can do to get the word out and to stop this from happening to other single parents or families.”

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Copyright © 2019 Novelty Magazines Ltd. All rights reserved