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This Powerful Christmas Video Is Going Viral, And It’s Giving Us All The Feels

Christmas advertisements are a part of popular culture. Businesses attempt to produce the most creative and expensive commercials to impress audiences, hoping for them to purchase their products during the holidays. However, not everyone is impressed. Christmas ads have received significant backlash lately, with many thinking its unethical of companies to have elaborate celebrity-studded commercials.

But a 2014 short film produced by Phil Beastall has become a viral ad on social media in recent months. People love the simple, powerful message in the film, demonstrating that the best Christmas present is the most meaningful one of all.

Counting Down The Days

Beastall’s short film immediately introduces viewers to the holiday season. The man in the video is reviewing his December calendar, counting down to Christmas. He begins decorating his Christmas tree, but the man is always alone. He has no one to share the holiday with, but there’s more meaning to the film.

Eventually, viewers learn the film’s touching message. The man is alone, but he has a special gift to open.

Love Is The Best Gift

On Christmas morning, the man opens his last gift—a cassette tape. He inserts it into his Walkman and listens to the message. It’s from his mother—wishing him a very merry Christmas.

As the video shows, the man’s mother is no longer alive. But she planned out multiple Christmas tapes for the years she wouldn’t be with him. She begins to tell him the story of the best day of her life—the day he was born.

The video ends with a simple, yet touching, message: “Love is a gift that lasts forever.”

Surprising Reaction

Beastall didn’t expect his 2014 short film to become a viral video after all these years, but he’s incredibly touched. He said, “It feels so surreal and like I’m living in a dream at the moment.”

Beastall later reflected on the meaning behind the video, saying he wanted to create a short film that would resonate with others. We’re happy to report he succeeded.

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