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This City In China Plans To Be Lit By An Artificial Moon By 2020

The dangers of global warming are increasing every day. That’s why countries all over the world are searching for solutions to our energy crisis. Some ideas, like hydro dams and windmill farms, are easy to implement. Other ideas are much more creative and more difficult to get started. One Chinese city should probably be given an award for how innovative their idea is. They want to make an artificial moon to replace all streetlights.

The Secret Plan

Several years ago, the Aerospace Science and Technology Microelectronics System Research Institute began researching ways to conserve energy. They hadn’t decided on a project yet when they noticed how much energy simple streetlights took up.

That’s when a team got to work on a solution that will change the game forever, if it works. By 2020, the Chinese city of Chengdu will be home to the first artificial moon and the technology behind its genius.

Eclipsing Technology

The artificial moon is actually a satellite. Similar to the real moon, it will reflect the light provided by the sun. However, this moon will project light that is eight times brighter than what the natural moon provides.

The satellite also has adjustable panels. That’s how it is able to harness as much sunlight as possible. Each satellite can light an area between six and 50 miles in diameter. Additionally, its creators assure us that the increased light won’t affect wildlife.

What It All Means

One singular moon satellite will be able to replace all of the street lights in one city. Since it doesn’t require electricity, that means that China will conserve $2.8 billion in energy every five years per.

The implications of this on a global scale are exponential. The only downside is that those in the test city might find themselves in need of some blackout curtains.

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